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Metal Deck Sheet: Our services of the Metal Deck Sheet are broadly utilized for a purpose of floor composition system. These sheets are mainly used as the floor of high buildings which saves both the quantity of a steel abreast with an extra saving of money.

The specialty of these sheets is that it is prominently light in weight and durable as well which also comprises of an excellent quality to prohibits the disaster occurrences during the earthquakes which mainly happen because of its comprised excellent anti-earthquake capabilities that are often not prone to the damages raised during earthquakes.

While rendering the services of Metal Deck Sheet, we highly take into the consideration of the customers so that no flaw may remain left from our side. However, enlighten the specification and quality of the Metal Deck Sheet which are mentioned below:

  • It delivers the most aesthetic appearance to any sort of the building
  • Available at numerous form of the thickness
  • Available in colors like Cisco Red, Brick Red, Qualified Green and much more which are meant the same concerns and relevance
  • Additionally, the sheet’s top is highly covered with a help of the guard film for a purpose of TCT (Total Coated Thickness) transportation and handling
  • Moreover, these are also available in Pre Painted G.I as well as Color Coated Galvalume
  • On the contrary, the most noticeable and mandatory feature of the Metal Deck Sheet is that these constitute the following features:

    Typical system Layout

  • Fire Resistance
  • Load Capacity
  • Durability
  • Acoustic Performance

  • We have attained the much better value for our clients completely with the time saving as well as the cost saving aspects. You can directly contact us whenever you feel in a necessity of the services of Metal Deck Sheet and we would surely assist you accordingly.

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